The ANDROID network and its partners produce a range of publications, from regular newsletters to focused research reports. As these become available, they will be made available on this website.

ANDROID Exchange

The ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network provides an opportunity for people to share knowledge and experience. ANDROID Exchange is written by the ANDROID membership for the ANDROID membership, and also for other readers working with national and international NGOs, UN agencies, government and donor institutions, academics, and independent consultants.

We welcome contributions from ANDROID Members and Associate Members. We are also pleased to consider articles submitted by anyone involved in some way in increasing societal resilience to disasters. If you have knowledge and experience to share, please consider making a contribution.

The scope of contributions should be consistent with the aims of ANDROID. The network’s teaching and research is concerned with what resilience is, what it means to society, and how societies might achieve greater resilience in the face of increasing threats from natural and human induced hazards.


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