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WP2 - Quality Assurance

WP2 aimed to ensure systematic monitoring and evaluation of the network’s activities to maximise the probability that the network would deliver its planned outputs and achieve its intended outcomes. In order to achieve this, a comprehensive quality plan has been developed to establish standards, define objectively verifiable indicators, and describe the means of verification, including internal and external ‘customer’ evaluations. WP2 is overseen by members of the Network Board, but further supported by external and independent representatives. Internal evaluation was informed by partners’ verbal and written evaluations of the network’s events, activities and outputs. A global (non-EU) dimension to quality was considered by including third country partners’ evaluations, thereby helping to ensure that the network is meeting internationally leading standards in the field. External evaluation was informed by the written annual reports of: an Independent Evaluator from the field who considered all WPs; and, a Stakeholder Advisory Board was appointed to maximise valorisation & exploitation of the network. These external evaluators received all network plans and outputs. Evaluation reports in years 1 and 2 of the network were used to identify and rectify any shortcomings in the performance of the network, while year 3 reports were included in the network’s final report. All the evaluation feedback made by the network members and external members were studied to incorporate the recommendations provided to improve the performance. Attendees of network events and activities, both internal and external to the network, were asked to complete participant surveys.  The network’s quality plan has developed standard reporting templates for individual WPs. WP Leaders submitted progress reports to the Network Coordinator, reporting against indicators, as well as providing records of expenditure attributable to the project in line with EU financial guidelines. 

WP2 activities

  • Kick off meeting where the initial proposal of quality plan was distributed to all WP leaders for discussion
  • Network quality meetings, which were combined with the Board meetings, to ensure the quality aspects of the outcomes of the work packages 
  • Annual self evaluations by the network Board
  • Partner and participant surveys for conferences, WP meetings, doctoral school and other network events
  • Independent evaluations
  • The major deliverables of WP2 are

WP2 deliverables 

Meetings and events

  • ANDROID Network Quality meetings: 6 meetings were conducted, the details of which are provided below
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 1 (kick off meeting) - 15th and 16th May 2012, UK Research Office, Brussels, Belgium
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 2 - 19th October 2012, The Teachers' House (Õpetajate Maja), Tallinn, Estonia
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 3 - 18th February 2013, Virtual Meeting using Blackboard Collaborate
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 4 - 23rd October 2013, Amathus Beach hotel, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 5 - 05th March 2014, UK Research Office, Brussels, Belgium
  • Network Quality and Board Meeting 6 - 11th September 2014, Room 2.19, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, Salford, UK


 The templates for the evaluations are available to view

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