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WP8: Open Education Resources (OER)

WP8 aimed to develop innovative educational resources in order to support capacity building for improving societal resilience to disasters. WP8 was achieving this by developing an Open Education Resources (OER) platform to host digitised materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research. The WP8 Working Group was responsible for drafting standards on platforms, accessibility and inclusion, rights management, and approaches to describing, managing, and sharing learning resources, online. The WP8 team also developed a virtual learning environment to host the OERs. The prototype platform has been built using a free and open-source e-learning software platform. The platform supports the searching and organisation of content and on-line learning communities. An additional intelligent library system has also been incorporated, which enables search operations to be undertaken more effectively and efficiently, where the users are able to define the concept or the knowledge domain by also specifying the nature of the results they wanted to get.

The ANDROID members are invited to upload other educational resources that they wish to disseminate and make available to educators, students and self-learners. The digital materials may include courses, course materials, content modules, learning objects including audio/visual, collections, and journals. They may also include materials on best practices such as case studies, techniques, and methods. Asu such long term support for the platform will be considered as part of the network’s sustainability plan.


WP8 activities

  • Develop OER standards
  • Develop Intelligent library system
  • Delevop OER platform
  • Manage and upload materials to OER platform

WP8 deliverables




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