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WP1: Network Management

WP1 aimed to manage network partners, coordinate the delivery of project outputs, ensure achievement of anticipated outcomes, and develop and manage network infrastructure. The working procedures and reporting structures were also established as part of this WP. WP1 working group consisting of the ANDROID network board where each team member leads at least one work package. The lead partner of WP1 performed management, administration, co-ordination functions; organised the Network Board meeting, maintained all records of expenditure; managed all work package activities and deliverables against agreed milestones; developed a virtual network; and organised and submitted interim and final report in accordance with the funding body requirements. The Network Board met twice annually either in person or using the virtual network. The first meeting of the Board has been used to approve a network agreement, which sets out partner responsibilities, working practices, decision making processes, and systems to resolve any disputes. Management is integrated into all the project's WPs, with selected partners assuming lead roles in coordinating discrete WPs via lead academics, supported by staff time. The Board communicated to partners through a quarterly e-newsletter, which included WP updates, related news and events, and partner contributions. All partners were able to communicate through the virtual network, an open source platform that provides the network with a broad range of functionality that will facilitate administration and coordination across partner institutions: collaboration and communication tools; information handling and exchange; project management tools; data collection tools; and, intra-network dissemination.

WP1 activities

  • Kick off meeting to detail the involvement of team members towards the successful achievement of project outcomes.
  • Network Board meetings to review the progress of work packages 
  • In-house financial report to monitor the financial progress of the project
  • Wrap up meetings to ensure the successful completion of the project and to discuss the way forward https://yeapharmacy.com/kamagra-100mg/

WP1 deliverables 

Meetings and events

  • ANDROID Network Board meetings: 6 Network Board meetings were conducted, the details of which are provided below
    • Network Board Meeting 1 (kick off meeting) - 15th and 16th May 2012, UK Research Office, Brussels, Belgium
    • Network Board Meeting 2 - 19th October 2012, The Teachers' House (Õpetajate Maja), Tallinn, Estonia
    • Netwrok Board Meeting 3 - 18th February 2013, Virtual Meeting using Blackboard Collaborate
    • Network Board Meeting 4 - 23rd October 2013, Amathus Beach hotel, Limassol, Cyprus
    • Network Board Meeting 5 - 05th March 2014, UK Research Office, Brussels, Belgium
    • Network Board Meeting 6 - 11th September 2014, Room 2.19, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, Salford, UK

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