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WP6: Capacity analysis of European public administrators

WP6 aimed to establish the capacity of public administrators to address disaster risk.  The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reducation (UNISDR) has highlighted the need for cities and local governments to get ready reduce the risks and become resilient to disasters. Their 2010-2015 World Disaster Reduction Campaign "Making Cities Resilient" addressed issues of local governance and urban risk while drawing upon previous ISDR Campaigns on safer schools and hospitals. Their overall target is to get as many local governments ready as possible, to span a global network of fully engaged cities of different sizes, characteristics, risk profiles and locations. The campaign is focusing on raising political commitment to disaster risk reduction among local governments and mayors and to develop capacity development opportunities. If European HEIs are to be able to support European local administrators in achieving this goal, it is important that priority areas for capacity development can be identified so that European HEI's education programmes can be developed to meet their requirements. As the UNISDR Campaign is global, it will also afford European HEIs an opportunity to develop capacity in a field of global relevance. In order to achieve this, the WP6 Working Group has undertaken a capacity analysis of public administrators in Europe. It was intended to describe, analyse and compare the capacity of European public administrators to address disaster risk and highlight priority areas for capacity development.

Together with Work Package 5 (Inventory of Disaster Resilience Education Programmes) and Work Package 7 (Research Futures), Work Package 6 was intended to lead to a roadmap for European Education for societal disaster resilience. The Capacity Analysis of European Public Administrators consisted have the development of a suitable survey tool; undertaking a survey; a reporting the survey findings. The survey took the form of an online questionnaire hosted on the ANDROID network's virtual collaboration platform and enabled with the open source survey application LimeSurvey. This ensured centralised data collection while allowing the survey questionnaire to be viewed in numerous different languages.

The WP6 working group use wiki as a colloborative platform to jointly achieve the obejctives. Anyone interested in the progress of WP6 is welcome to view the sitebut only WP6 group members have the necessary permissions to edit its contents. 

WP6 activities

  • Survey of capacity analysis of public administrators in Europe. The link to the survey (which is now officially closed) is available here. The survey has been set up in 4 major languages – English, German, Russian and Turkish. 
  • Produce report on capacity analysis  of European public adminstrators  

WP6 deliverable


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