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WP9 - Dissemination

WP9 aimed to raise awareness and promote a common understanding among stakeholders of the importance of disaster resilience education and the essential role of European HEIs in improving society's ability to withstand the threat posed by natural and human induced hazards. In order to achieve this, the WP was promoting the activities of the network, and collated the major findings and implications that arise from the network's survey and analysis projects (WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7), and developed a range of outputs to ensure that the network has achieved its intended outcomes. Several of the WP outputs have been translated into multiple European languages in order to expand the reach of the network. In year 1 of the project, a publicly accessible website and brochure has been developed to raise awareness of the network and attract relevant stakeholders to support its aim and objectives. 

WP9 activities

  • Development and maintenance of a publicity accessible project website
  • Promoting the activities of the network through several marketing and publicity means
  • Disseminate the project details and specific research findings through academic disseminations, in the forms of conference and journal papers, PowerPoint presentations and poster presentations, online seminars, reports and brochures
  • Journal special issues

WP9 deliverables 

Meetings and events http://rxcare.net....e/


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